Suede, Leather, Sheepskin, Tailoring & Repairs

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At fix2fit Tailors we understand that suede, leather and sheepskin items can become damaged, scratched and look significantly aged with time. All of this means that your well loved item may not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and at worst become unwearable.

Materials such as suede, leather, and sheepskin are extremely hard to stitch. In light of this, we are able to offer an expert suede, leather and sheepskin tailoring and stitching service in Manchester to our customers, as we use only the best tool and stitching products in the business.


We also offer a complete relining service for your leather, suede or sheepskin item either with the original lining or with something new. Whatever your request, your item will have a new, longer lease of life.


We can also carry out major repairs to leather suede and sheepskin garments. Such as replacement of damaged panels, arms or collars. We will perfectly match your leather from our stock.