Terms and Conditions

Alterations – We always try to match the colour on the thread that was originally used on the item but if for any reason we cannot then we will use the closest colour thread we have available.  Some cases we may order a new thread if we are able to find one.  This may delay the promised dead line for the job.  We would never check the length of the sleeves or the length when we are shortening them.  If we are for example taking 1″ off from the length of one side and it will be 1″ off from the other side also.  if it was originally altered before or if it came out to be different length from factory, we would not take any responsibility.  Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours for an alteration.  Zip replacement on items will not be 100% same as the previous zip that was used by the factory.  Thickness of the zip on coats may be slightly thinner.

Repairs – Our repair jobs will always be done to the best.  Because it is a repair job, we are just rectifying therefore it may not be 100% to your expectations.  we would not take any responsibility.

Made to Measure & Bespoke Tailoring – All our work is done to customers satisfaction.  during the make of a jacket there will be 2 fittings to show our customers the length of the sleeves and the length of the actual jacket.  Before we finish of the jacket, trousers and waistcoat we will ask if the length and the size is correct.  in order to minimise the error.  when the job is completed and the item needs minor resizing, this will be done without an extra charge.  Shirts are the same procedure.

Special Offers – Buy 1 get 1 free offers.  we are selling one shirt at the same original price of the item.  second shirt will be provided extra without any charge.  if the customer decides on not taking the extra offered item.  Price will be the same as the original price that was quoted.  Shirt offers normally take around a week to made.  On Some occasions this may take up to 3 weeks.  Our aim is always to finish within 7 days.  if we are not able to source the fabric then this may delay the process.  If for any reason the fabric that was used is different then the customers request, a new shirt will be made with the correct fabric and we will post the item out to customers address for next day delivery once it is done.  If there is any issues with the sizing this will be rectified without an extra charge,  Full amount will be taken in advance for the work and this is not refundable.